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  Category : Games -  Word Games
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  Platform : WinXP,  Unix,  Linux,  Mac OS X,  Not Applicable  
  Price : USD 0  
  Rating :  
  License : Freeware  
  Limitations: N/A  
  Date : 04/10/2007  
  Size : 0.02 MB  
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Word Games
hangman game, game, lsp, lua, lua server pages, web server, php, asp, jsp,

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WinLines 1)    WinLines
 A Windows puzzle game with smooth animation and sound. Game objective is to align same colored balls in horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines. In standard game you will start with board 9x9 squares. ...
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Overload 2)    Overload
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EnLight 3)    EnLight
 Very cool puzzle game where you must turn off all lights on the gamefield! When you click on a light, the one you selected and the 4 adjacent will invert status. You should try to turn off all lights ...
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Traditional Sudoku 4)    Traditional Sudoku
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Matchsticks 5)    Matchsticks
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boxod 6)    boxod
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BrickShooter for Palm 7)    BrickShooter for Palm
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Statetrail 8)    Statetrail
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WinMind 9)    WinMind
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Sudoku Printer 10)    Sudoku Printer
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Blobshop 1)    Blobshop
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Duck Riposte 2)    Duck Riposte
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Piano keyboard keyboard 3)    Piano keyboard keyboard
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Bomb Threat 4)    Bomb Threat
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Manic Minefields (for Windows) 5)    Manic Minefields (for Windows)
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Starscape 6)    Starscape
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Advanced Team Scheduler 7)    Advanced Team Scheduler
 Product Description Useful for people who organize team sporting or game events. It can organize an unlimited number of teams for an unlimited number of games. Simply fill in the requested information...
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Secret Spy 8)    Secret Spy
 Make your way through the top secret complex, uncovering secrets, and information along the way in this action shooter! Game is fun and absolutely FREE!...
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Little Shop of Treasures 9)    Little Shop of Treasures
 Welcome to Huntington, a charming little town where if you look close enough, your dreams will come true! Help Huntington's shop owners find more than 1,200 unique, and cleverly hidden, items for thei...
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Mah Jong 10)    Mah Jong
 No matter how you spell it- Mah-jongg, Mah-jong, Mah jongg , Mah Jong. A Classic Mah Jong Solitaire game! Mah Jong Puzzle is the mah jongg - like tile solitaire game for Windows. It is a fun puzzle ga...
License:Freeware USD 0 Size:0.01 MB
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More tags: hangman game, game, lsp, lua, lua server pages, web server, php, asp, jsp,
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